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If you’re looking for sunbed hire in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the I fully recommend Safetan.

Safetan Sunbed Hire Belfast

I hired one of their latest 24 tube vertical tanners for two weeks before my wedding. It was brilliant, and really powerful.

My new wife and I both had a golden glow on our big day and our wedding photos look really great as well.

A tanned skin is something that has gained a lot of prominence in recent times and is something that is much sought after by many different people.

I notice it more when people are going on holiday and don’t want to look like a milk bottle on the beach or are having a special event such as a wedding or birthday party.

You see skin gets tanned when it is exposed to the ultra violet rays from the sun. Safetan’s tanning technology allows the same light to be produced artificially in sunbeds fitted with lights producing similar ultraviolet light.

How Does The Ultraviolet Light Tan Our Skin?

Ultraviolet light has a wavelength shorter than visible light and can cause suntan as well as sunburn, when it comes from the sun. Most UV light gets absorbed by the ozone layer, but a small amount of long wave light, called UVA and medium wave light, called UVB gets through.

UVA is the type that causes sunburn and UVB is the type that causes tanning. It’s possible to produce this UV light in a sunbed by mixing certain chemicals in an artificial bulb, but it produces both UVA and UVB.

More UVB light gives a faster tan, and sunbeds that use bulbs giving a higher UVB light are usually preferred by users. UVA rays have deeper penetration and can cause more damage to the skin.

Sunbeds which give a greater percentage of UVB rays are the best sunbeds to hire in Belfast because they make tans faster and darker, which means you have to spend less time under them.

This also reduces damage to skin, destruction of collagen, dryness and the possibility of wrinkles.

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Is It Better To Rent A Sunbed Or Visit A Tanning Salon?

Many people prefer to visit salons or beauty parlours in Belfast City to use high powered, fast-tan sunbeds, but it’s also possible to hire a sunbed to use in the comfort of your home.

This allows you to use the sunbed at your own convenience any time you like, day or night. You also get slightly more privacy at home and have the benefit or being able to share it with your friends or family.

When you use the beauty parlour or salon, you will have to make appointments and go for sessions whenever the tanning beds are free.

Also paying as you go can work out more expensive and you never know who has been there before you. They could have been sweating all over the place.

Should You Buy Your Own Sunbed?

One great advantage of choosing sunbed hire in Belfast from Safetan is that you don’t have to worry about any problems that arise with regard to repairs and maintenance.

Safetan will deal with these issues and arrange to service your equipment regularly if you have it on long term hire. If you buy your own sunbed you will have to carry out the repairs yourself such as replacing the bulbs and making sure it is electrically safe.

The technology in these tanning beds is also being constantly updated, and the renting of a sunbed allows you to insist on having the latest machine at home.

Get yourself a golden glow today with Safetan sunbed hire Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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