Welcome To My Belfast City Insider Guide!

Mark McKnightCompact, friendly and buzzing with energy, Belfast City (population 286,000) has everything you need, all within a square mile.

Did you know that Belfast is derived from the Irish term Béal Feirste which roughly translates as mouth of the sandbanks?…Or, were you aware that Belfast City is twinned with Nashville, Tennessee, United States and Hefei, China?

You learn something new everyday!

Belfast is overflowing with culture, history, great food and drink, unique sights and is one of those places that’s really worth a visit.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Barack Obama said during his speech at the Waterfront Hall while visiting for the G8 summit 2013:

Belfast is a different city. Once-abandoned factories are rebuilt. Former industrial sites are reborn. Visitors come from all over to see an exhibit at the MAC, a play at the Lyric, or a concert here at Waterfront Hall.

From the bustling nightlife, assorted shops, markets and restaurants, interesting history tours and cultural events to the world famous attractions of the Titanic visitor centre, Ulster museum and Europa Hotel, there really is something to suit everyone in Northern Ireland’s capital city.

So if you’re looking for somewhere new to visit this year, why not come and enjoy Belfast.

“Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus”

Getting Out And About Around Town

Belfast City has something for everyone. I’ve lived here all my life and one of the best things about Belfast, the largest city in Northern Ireland, is that you can see it all in a day.

Belfast City Attractions

There is so much crammed into such a small space including museums, restaurants, pubs, clubs, tourist attractions, shopping centres and also some pretty fancy hotels.

One of the best ways of seeing the attractions is on a sightseeing bus or bike tour. You can get all the information you need for visiting the tourist attractions by visiting the Welcome Centre in Donegal Place.

Belfast City Hotels Combine International Names With Stylish Boudoirs

Belfast hotels offer a great place to stay when you come to visit this buzzing and thriving city.

My favourite is the 5 star Merchant Hotel. Easily the finest and most luxurious establishment in the city, if not, the whole of Ireland.

Merchant Hotel Deluxe Room

Most hotels in Belfast are local to the city centre and it is very easy to find a cheap room within walking distance of your favourite shops, restaurants, cinemas or bars during your stay.

There are many things for you to enjoy in this city and I recommend combining an exciting shopping trip with a relaxing weekend break away.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and has a great selection of top ‘hotel deals’ for both business and pleasure.

As it is quite a small city, it is possible to stay in any hotel and still be close to local attractions such as St Anne’s Cathedral, Titanic Quarter, City Hall and many more.

There are hotels in this city to suit every taste ranging from modern comfort to intimate boutiques and prices to match any budget.

So whatever type of accommodation you are looking for:- city centre hotels, new hotels, deals & offers, airport hotels, you should find them here.

You’ll be spoiled for choice in this continuously evolving city and will probably find it hard to choose one over the other. Enjoy your stay!

Try Some Food & Drink In Belfast City

Tasty Foods Around Belfast

Another great aspect of Belfast City is the food and drink. St George’s Market opens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning to serve up some of the finest fresh produce in Northern Ireland.

People come from near and far to visit this unique attraction.

Top Restaurants Offer You The Finest Food And Drink Throughout The City

Any of the restaurants in the city offer you the chance to dine out as part of your short-break or holiday.

I’m sure everyone will agree that eating out is probably one of the best and most satisfying parts of any trip.

These high quality restaurants offer you a mouth-watering array of varied dining that will suit all tastes and budgets.

Best Restaurant Food In Belfast City

Whatever you are looking for to eat, you’ll find it here.

Choose from Spanish Tapas, Italian Pasta, Seafood, Modern Irish Steak…as well as some great Asian Noodles and Indian Curry.

These restaurants from around the capital of Northern Ireland are ready to satisfy your appetite and quell your hunger. You won’t be disappointed. Bon appetit!

Finding The Best Goods & Services In Town

When you need a job done around town, it can be hard sometimes to find the right person or company. You want someone you can trust to do the job well without being ridiculously hard to pay.

Over the years I’ve used many services around the Belfast area and I’m going to share with you the ones that I fully recommend because of their excellent customer service and value.

Sunbed Hire Belfast

If you are getting married soon, going on holiday or getting ready for a big event or party, then if you’re like me, you’ll probably want to look your best.

I needed to get a bit of extra colour coming up to my wedding a few years ago and decided to hire a sunbed from Safetan.

I didn’t want use a tanning salon, because I hate having to make appointments and wanted something that was flexible enough to use when I wanted.

I rented a sunbed for a month and kept it in my spare room. It was great. I could use it whenever I liked and my fiancee got some use out of it as well.

Safetan’s customer service was excellent and it was roughly the same price I would have paid using a tanning salon.

Learning To Drive

I passed my test first time with DKL driving school. Des King is a top DOE approved instructor, so if you are learning to drive and want first class training, then checkout my tips and advice for choosing the best driving lessons in Belfast.